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EdTech Innovation: Vived Learning

Discover the dynamic collaboration between Vived, a pioneering EdTech company, and Jus Agency, the driving force behind their marketing and CRM strategy. Uncover how this partnership is reshaping education for the better.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, staying at the forefront of innovation is not an option—it’s a necessity. As a marketing consultant at Jus Agency, I’ve had the privilege of working with Vived, a trailblazing educational platform, to navigate these uncharted waters and deliver a strategy that has redefined the future of learning.

The Challenge:

Vived had already made its mark in the world of education, trusted by thousands of schools and millions of students worldwide. However, the team at Vived recognized that to truly revolutionize education, they needed to expand their offerings. They envisioned a future where students could dive deep into hands-on learning experiences, breaking away from traditional boundaries.

The Vision:

Our journey with Vived began with a vision—a vision of empowering students with practical skills that would prepare them for real-world challenges. Carpentry, a skill that transcends generations and industries, became the focus of this vision. The goal was clear: create an immersive carpentry education program that would not only teach students to build but also instill problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

Strategy Unveiled:

Our strategy for Vived was multifaceted, as innovation often requires a holistic approach:

  1. Market Research: We delved deep into the education landscape, identifying the gap in carpentry education and the demand for interactive, industry-relevant courses.
  2. Curriculum Integration: The success of any educational program hinges on its seamless integration into existing curricula. We collaborated closely with Vived’s team to ensure that their Carpentry Education Program could complement various subjects.
  3. Referral Program: To reach the right decision-makers in schools, we devised a referral program. We encouraged educators to refer Vived to the key people in their institutions, effectively leveraging their existing networks.
  4. Personalized Outreach: We understood that one size doesn’t fit all in education. Personalized outreach to schools, tailored to their unique needs, was essential.
  5. Engaging Content: To showcase the potential of Vived’s Carpentry Education, we developed captivating content that highlighted the value of hands-on learning.

Integration with LeadBase CRM:

In our pursuit of excellence, we integrated LeadBase CRM, a powerful tool to streamline lead generation and customer relationship management. This integration ensured that Vived could effectively manage and nurture its leads, providing a seamless experience for potential customers.

Onboarding and Lead Generation Strategies:

To maximize the potential of Vived’s Carpentry Education Program, we implemented onboarding and lead generation strategies. Our goal was to ensure that schools and educators could easily navigate the program, making it accessible to students across the nation.


Tom Nicknish, Director at Vived, shared his thoughts on our collaboration: “Julia is a true pro. She knows her stuff and she does the research. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone that asks.”


Our journey with Vived illustrates the power of embracing innovation in education. It reminds us that, in this digital age, the possibilities are endless. By combining cutting-edge technology with a passion for learning, Vived has not only empowered students with practical skills but has also sparked a revolution in education.

As we move forward, we are committed to continuing our partnership with Vived, exploring new horizons, and redefining education for generations to come. This case study is a testament to what can be achieved when vision, strategy, and innovation converge in the pursuit of a brighter future for all learners.

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