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Meet jus agency

About Us

Jus Agency, pronounced Jús, represents the essence of growth. Our agency ethos is all about squeezing every resource possible to get our clients the best results through marketing and expert team hires. Our mission is to provide our team and partners with the best experience and long-term results.

When Jus Marketing Founder Julia Ager launched an e-commerce brand called Jus Eyewear back in 2016, she fell in love with growing businesses on
every budget. Matched with her ten plus years marketing experience, the project scaled quickly and organically grew into marketing consulting projects with London’s tech, B2C and e-commerce start-ups.

Since then, the agency has evolved into a dedicated, driven and dynamic team of experts focused on serving a wide range of clients worldwide. While Jus Marketing HQ remains rooted in London, we continue to work with international clients worldwide.

Why Us

Human Touch

As much as we have a system & protocol for everything, we will never underestimate human touch. We're here for you in every way, whether it relates to marketing, people or business in general.

We Have Your Back

Clients stay with us because of our versatility, some of our check-in calls run over because a client wants advice on their email conversion, building a sales team, automation, onboarding process, project management and more.


We have clients we’ve worked with since we started that we still meet for lunch quarterly, and others that see us as a true extension of their in-house team. We pride ourselves on building a beautiful culture, both inside the agency and with our partners.

Dream Team

Julia Ager

Strategist & CEO

Carlin Apollos

Agency Manager

Sonja Woolff

Content Writer & Project Manager

Peter Vee

Website Developer

Dean Whikehart

NFT Marketing Manager

David McEliot

Google Ads Expert

Kelly Turner

Social Media Marketing

Lisa Santos

Project Manager

Lindsey Hawkins

Project Manager

Jother John Tirador

Recruitment and HR Specialist

Our Extended Team

Our extended team is made up of specialists including marketing leads, content creators, website developers and admin assistants.

If you already have a team in place and agencies you work with, we are more than happy to blend in and support existing relationships and ensure everyone works collaboratively to achieve results, on time and on budget.

Big projects need great skills, and we know the importance of being prepared to provide our clients with solutions that exceed their expectations. We live and breathe our craft and ensure we’re on top of our game with the most relevant certifications in the world of advertising, digital marketing and digital media.

“I choose to work with this team because of the immense amount of value they add, the level of competency is off the charts. We have another project in the works and several more to come.”

Sharif Sayed

Director, StaffDNA, Dallas

“I felt that I found what I was looking for ‘for years’. I was amazed how you read my mind”

Duchess Nivin El-Gamal & Duchess of Lamberton

President CFO-NHS

The strategy provided us with a roadmap for success. Highly Recommended.

Chapo Crypto

CEO, Assure Defi

Incredible value and professionalism. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid and very detailed strategy.

Adam Gamwell

CEO, Gatsby Luxury Events

It is really nice to work with Julia! She has so much knowledge, she knows what she is doing! I really recommend to work with her. We hope that Julia is on board with our next Projects

Nicholaus Strauss

Founder, Project CF NFT, Vienna

If you are looking for a detailed strategy that sets you up for success in selling your NFTs, look no further. Julia is thorough, and will create high quality strategy tailored to your niche. She is professional and keeps the lines of communication clear and open. Highly recommend!

Aish Natarajan

Superheroines NFT, San Francisco

Let us help you grow

Global Marketing Agency
Founded in London, UK
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