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Web3 Resources

Check out our collection of free downloadable resources, covering everything community building, web3 marketing and exploring the web3 space as a major brand.

From templates, DIY packs, playbooks, checklists to guides - we've got you covered. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, our resources are here to help you succeed.

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Global Expert: Andrea Horblitt, CEO Chickstarter

Discover the remarkable journey of Andrea Horblitt, CEO of Chickstarter, in our Global Expert Interview Series. From modeling to entrepreneurship, Andrea’s story is an inspiring tale of innovation and empowerment. Learn how she leveraged celebrity partnerships to revolutionize product launches and her mission to empower women-led businesses. Join us as we explore her insights, strategies, and the power of networking in driving growth and success.

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Jus Agency Fashion Case Study

Unveiling the Power of Strategy: Fashion Brand Case Study

Explore the power of strategy in the world of fashion e-commerce with our case study on Access Moda, a brand renowned for European chic. Discover how we crafted a winning strategy anchored in timeless elegance, gifting experiences, community engagement, and quality craftsmanship. From vision to execution, uncover the secrets behind our SMART objectives and A/B testing for refinement.

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Global Expert: Vasilios Karabatsos, Founder & CEO

Explore the incredible journey of Vasilios Karabatsos, a seasoned entrepreneur and Certified Public Accountant, in our Global Expert Interview Series. Gain insights from his experiences, including co-founding a high-tech startup that reached $25 million in revenue, and discover valuable lessons on simplicity, timing, and more. Join us for a deep dive into Vasilios’ expertise and his role as Principal at MetroTek Electrical Services and Managing Member at Onos LLC.

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Seven marketing lessons businesses can learn from Barbie the movie

Discover 7 Marketing Lessons from Barbie The Movie – Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie exceeded all expectations, becoming a sensational hit worldwide. Uncover the daring marketing strategy behind its box office triumph, and learn how to engage your audience authentically. A social movement, Barbenheimer, offers valuable insights for business owners. Embrace creativity, authenticity, and empowerment in your campaigns. By learning from Barbie’s remarkable success, elevate your business and achieve unprecedented growth.

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Global Expert: Richard Conn, Managing Partner & Advisor

Explore the captivating world of international business and diplomacy with Richard Conn, Managing Partner of Eurasia Advisors. Discover his remarkable journey, including delivering a groundbreaking keynote at the United Nations and advising Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Join us for insightful conversations and gain unique perspectives in our Global Expert Interview Series. Don’t miss out on bridging the realms of growth marketing and brand building.

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Watch Jus Agency CEO, Julia talk about NFT Marketing: building trust, brand & community

This is the fourth project I have completed with Jus Agency. There’s a level of detail, and expertise that is hard to find. This is simply the best service I ever received. Truly

Sharif Sayed

Sharif Sayed

VP Business Development, StaffDNA

The strategy provided us with a roadmap for success. Highly Recommended.

Chapo Crypto

Chapo Crypto

CEO, Assure Defi

Incredible value and professionalism. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid and very detailed strategy.

Adam Gamwell

Adam Gamwell

CEO, Gatsby Luxury Events

It is really nice to work with Julia! She has so much knowledge, she knows what she is doing! I really recommend to work with her. We hope that Julia is on board with our next Projects

Nicholaus Strauss

Nicholaus Strauss

Founder, Project CF NFT, Vienna

If you are looking for a detailed strategy that sets you up for success in selling your NFTs, look no further. Julia is thorough, and will create high quality strategy tailored to your niche. She is professional and keeps the lines of communication clear and open. Highly recommend!

Aish Natarajan

Aish Natarajan

Superheroines, San Francisco

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