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Five Ways To Grow Your Business In Times Of Uncertainty

Is it possible? Yes! Here are five areas of focus that have driven great results for our clients over the last few months. Don’t forget you can get a marketing or admin assistant to help you, leaving more time for you to concentrate on other areas of the business.

1. Focus on your most valuable audience

Work on a content strategy full of VALUE – repurpose content you already have into freebies, templates, guides, e-books, course samples or free webinars to drip feed in an email sequence – and mix in your product/ service offer in, without being too pushy.

Retargeting campaigns can work well if done right and don’t forget to set up your automated emails.

2. Reassess your business plan and processes

From an operations point of view, now is a great time to reassess what processes you can automate, outsource, or disregard altogether. Prioritize your biggest pain points. Is it your sales process? Customer support? Client on-boarding? There are so many ways you can cut down on those admin tasks that take up hours of your time, like hiring a terrific PA, VA or admin assistant.

3. Plan for the future

Focus on the bigger picture. Although it’s tempting to put everything on hold right now, this is actually a great time to continue your efforts and to show up for your customers. Map out the projects that will have the biggest impact and get clear on where your efforts are best placed in the next quarter.

4. Collaborate and create new relationships

Collaborate with other brands that serve similar audiences by utilising social media campaigns – giveaways, competitions and video collaborations work particularly well.

5. Give Back

You can do this in many ways, through donations, freebies, sharing your services or expertise for free. These are all great ways to connect to new and old audiences. Empathy, kindness, and transparency are traits that customers are looking for right now. Giving back as a marketing strategy resonates well with younger audiences, particularly millennials and Gen Z, it also warms up your audience for when you do want to sell a product or service.

What’s worked for you?

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