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TravelMum: From Influencer to Travel Business

Uncover the transformative journey of Travel Mum, the influential travel brand, as it evolves into a thriving entrepreneurial venture. Dive into the comprehensive “Accelerate” marketing plan crafted by Julia Ager at Jus Agency, propelling Travel Mum into the highly competitive travel market. Explore the strategic elements that paved the way for success and learn how this influencer leveraged her reach to create a trusted authority in budget travel.

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In the realm of influencers, the journey from personal brand to thriving enterprise can be both challenging and rewarding. In this case study, we delve into the strategic path of Travel Mum, a brand founded by the accomplished influencer Jennifer. Our collaboration with Jennifer and Travel Mum illustrates how strategic marketing can seamlessly transition influencers into successful entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

Jennifer, a prominent influencer, introduced Travel Mum—a revolutionary concept that simplifies DIY travel for budget-conscious adventurers. However, she faced distinctive challenges:

  1. A Competitive Landscape: Travel Mum entered the travel industry, already saturated with established players, as a newcomer.
  2. A Distinctive Audience: Jennifer’s target audience consisted of women aged 18-45 seeking budget-friendly travel experiences, demanding a tailored approach.
  3. Resource Constraints: As a small, family-run business, Travel Mum operated with limited marketing and advertising budgets.

The Strategy: Accelerate

Our strategy, aptly named “Accelerate,” was designed to propel Travel Mum into the competitive travel market efficiently and effectively. This comprehensive plan encompassed several key elements:

  1. Thought Leadership: Establishing Travel Mum as a trusted authority in budget travel was paramount. Jennifer collaborated with industry influencers and prestigious publications, such as Closer Magazine. Her participation in the Barclays Bank campaign further fortified her credibility.
  2. Leveraging Social Media: We placed significant emphasis on cultivating a robust presence on Instagram and TikTok—platforms where her target audience thrived. We provided strategies for content creation, engagement, and audience growth, offering valuable insights for influencers making the leap into business.
  3. Email Marketing and Website Optimization: The optimization of Travel Mum’s website for a seamless user experience was pivotal. We seamlessly integrated it with affiliate partners like Skyscanner and Additionally, we harnessed the potential of her existing email list for lead nurturing.

Results Achieved

Our Accelerate plan laid the groundwork for Travel Mum’s future success. While we delivered the strategic plan, we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming results as the plan is implemented.

Client Testimonial

“Wow, Julia went above and beyond to get to understand our business and put together a fantastic plan with tons of amazing ideas I would have never thought of. She put together a structured plan for the launch of our new website which I am really excited to implement. I will definitely be working with Julia again in the future. Thanks so much for your hard work!” 🙏 Jen, CEO, @thetravelmum

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